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Every year before the semester officially starts, our team is tasked with creating a student survival guide filled with everything from a campus map, resources, and facility information to the best eats, student discounts, and activities for our community. 

Please feel free to take a look!
I'm very proud of the work our team did and am so happy our students love it.


In order to keep all students up to date, I write a report for our student newspaper every other week. 

I've written about events, both past and future, new resources coming to campus, and even interview tips. 

It's another great way for me to stay involved with the students and keep them informed.

Feel free to browse some of my reports.


I had the greatest honor of being able to host Baruch College's ribbon cutting ceremony for the brand new Clivner=Field Plaza.

It was a historic moment and such a wonder to be a part of.

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I was also invited to interview both
President S. David Wu and Provost Linda Essig at the beginning of the school year to kickstart our term and welcome our students back to campus and their community.